Clacton Pier

Clacton Pier 24/7 Fishing permits are now available, Please come into the shop for an application form.
Prices are now £75 / year.


Clacton Pier has long been regarded as one of the prime sea fishing spots along the Tendring coastline. Summer or Winter, there is always plenty of action to be had on this six acre pleasure pier.

Although, like Walton pier, this pier is hugely popular with day trippers during the summer season, its berthing arm ensures a more private fishing session than the pier in Walton.

Day Tickets currently cost £7.50 and are available from the Pier’s front office. Season permits are £75 (Fish 24 hours a day!), which are valid for a year from the day you bought it. With a day permit you are restricted to 8-6 fishing.

Plenty of fish being caught at the moment; with the main species being Bass. Lots of other fish around as well, these include dogfish, eels, pouting and still reports of codling out there.

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What you can catch:


Bass – Top Baits – Mackeral Fillet, small pout live / dead, Lugworm, Ragworm, Peeler crab.


Cod – Top Baits – Lugworm, squid, Peeler crab. Methods – Long range casting.


Dab – Top Baits – Lugworm, Ragworm, stale Lugworm is commonly used Methods – Fishing 3 baits, small hooks


Dogfish – Top Baits – Sandeel, fresh Mackerel, Peeler Crab, Hermit Crab

flounderblowup (1)

Flounder – Top Baits – Ragworm, Lugworm, Peeler crab in spring.


Pouting – Top Baits – small peices of fish, Ragworm, Peeler crab, Methods – normally caught using a 3 hook flapper rig fished short to medium range with small baits and hooks “up to size 1”.


Common Rockling – Top baits, Ragworm, White rag, peeler crab.


Sole – Top Baits – Lugworm, Ragworm presented on small hooks.


Whiting – Top Baits – Mackerel, Lugworm, Squid.


Plaice – Top Baits – Lugworm, Ragworm, also Peeler crab in spring.

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